I always assure my families, “Don’t worry. We will absolutely shoot that posed family photo that Grandma wants on her fireplace mantel.” But the truth is, I’m here for the stories. I’m here to see the bond. I’m here to see the unabashed love families have for one another.  I’m here to click the shutter at that right moment when I see the hairs rise on your skin right when you make eye contact with someone you love. I’m here for the real stuff.

Angelina and her baby boy brought the real stuff.

motherhood mommy and me

While she admits she rarely lounges around in a flowing white maxi skirt, you wouldn’t know it. She moves with ease and class, all the while with a self-deprecating sense of humor that makes her so likable and down-to-earth.

Baby boy is her second child. She wanted some photographs of them together before she returned to work in a few days. Without saying it, I knew she would miss him dearly!  Thank you, Angelina, for the privilege of being your family photographer!

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