X-Ray vision, super human strength, capes, masks, and … don’t forget the fancy gadgets! It can only be a super hero party! Happy birthday to Lucas! His fourth birthday party at Carlson Park in Culver City was nothing short of an extravaganza full of friends and family and superhero antics.  But what’s a superhero party without superheroes?

Best. Party. Ever! surprised Lucas with Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Batman.  The actors were so professional and the children were immediately captivated by all the games and activities they had planned. I can’t tell you what the games were specifically, but I will say, it involved a lot of running. I mean,  A LOT!  I love action shots like these at birthday parties — no parent should have to run after their own child like this during a birthday party, but I’m happy to do it for them!

Happy birthday to dear Lucas! May you truly discover what a superhero you are this year and always!!


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