Friends, its SUMMER!! Give me all the beach, all the sand, all the waves! I cannot think of anything more iconic, more suitable for a Southern California family photography session than some time at the beach. Documenting an early golden hour afternoon with The Walsh Family was the perfect way to get this summer started.

family beach session los angeles blue waves

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for a majority of my life now and I always forget about this vast, glorious space called the Pacific Ocean. Its so close that I’ve taken it for granted for too long. That is up until 6 months ago when we spent the whole day at the beach for my birthday. I owe it to my daughter. She is constantly drawn to the sea. She can stare at it all day, chasing the waves, watching the tide ebb and flow. I’m so grateful to her childhood perspective and how it has renewed my love for something so natural and innocent!

And its not just her! All my families love the ocean. Children are all at once nervous about its power and enticed by its playfulness.

mother daughter beach photography

kindergarten windy beach session I love my family sessions but we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the couples that started it all! I love taking a moment to photograph mom and dad. We settled the kids down with a snack and an activity and walked a short distance away. The waves were certainly unpredictable that day and coming in really close.

I give my couple a posing prompt to ease them in, but before I know it, Dad is yelling, “Incoming!” A big one glides right up against us, waist high. My phone was in my back pocket, my two cameras on either side. What do you do, friends? Well, I chose my cameras over my phone and lifted those girls high up in the air as the waves washed up against me.  Needless to say, I got a much needed social media fast!

I’m not one to give up, and neither was my couple! We tried again and this time, the waves were much kinder.

couples beach photography

couples beach photography

Thank you to The Walsh Family for their beautiful bond and for trusting me to capture this beautiful time in their family life!

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  1. Thank you, Michelle! What a fun adventure! Your ideas brought out some beautiful moments and your eye captured this precious moment in our lives. We love the photos and enjoyed ourselves in spite of the wave that almost washed us away! May your phone RIP. Look forward to doing another session with you! ❤️ Parrish

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